Self Leveling Concrete Contractor

As a self leveling concrete contractor we have many functional design options available to our clients. The versatility of self leveling concrete is broad providing solutions for worn and damaged floors, and is the perfect solution for uneven and unlevel floors.

While once only used as an underlayment, recent technological advancements have led to the use of self leveling concrete as a finished floor. As a self leveling concrete contractor we can design a surface with both functional and aesthetic appeal for any residential or commercial space. This versatile material can be installed on top of properly prepared surfaces such as concrete, ceramic tile, VCT and VAT thus saving both time and money.

Self leveling concrete is mixed very fine into a flowable mixture that is applied at ¼ – ½ inch thick. Our self leveling concrete contractor then uses a gauge rake to spread the mixed material out at the appropriate thickness. It is ideal for raising the height of flooring to meet door jams, floor vents or stairs. Damaged and unsightly surfaces look new after application.

Coloring Self Leveling Concrete Contractor

Self-leveling concrete comes in either white or gray, which in itself provides for a beautiful floor. If color is desired, pigments are mixed into each batch thoroughly to obtain consistency providing for an integrally colored surface. However our self leveling concrete contractor can apply stains and dyes in various colors and designs to create unique one of a kind designs. Many of the projects we have completed include retail stores, restaurants, residential apartments, lofts and condos.

The appearance can look natural in urban residential and commercial spaces. It cures smooth and flat with an occasional blemish typical of designer cement floors which adds to the allure.

Self Leveling Concrete Contractor: Sealing Floors

Sealer options range from matte to glossy. Our self leveling concrete contractor uses water based epoxies, acrylic sealers and urethanes. Advancements in sealer technology in recent years have led to extremely durable protection for decorative concrete floors. While providing strong protection and perform in high wear areas, they also enhance the appearance.

Many of our clients prefer the look of designer self leveling concrete over polished surfaces due to our ability to create what they want rather than taking a chance with an unpredictable outcome.

Self Leveling Concrete Contractor – Local Areas we Serve

We are a self leveling contractor company serving customers in local areas including New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Jersey City and Hoboken.